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"Where more than a century of innovation takes on engineering's toughest challenges. Where advanced materials and technologies help transform entire industries. Where the future takes shape. "

"BENCHMARK architectural exterior wall systems have enhanced design appeal and flexibility for tailor-made custom designs. Offering an extended color range and a variety of finishes and shapes to choose from."


"As the original "aluminum composite material," ALUCOBOND® Plus has been developed exclusively to meet the higher fire performance requirements of today’s building standards."


"ALUCOIL, Worldwide Manufacturer specialist in production of aluminum composite panel for Architecture, Transport & Industry under brands larson and larcore."


"As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metal composite materials, ALPOLIC® carefully considers every detail of the manufacturing, distribution and sales process. Most of our products are manufactured in Chesapeake, VA, many with a substantial amount of post-consumer recycled materials. After fabrication, the MCM sheets are shipped to their destinations, ready to change the facade of structures around the world. Exceptional projects deserve exceptional materials. Demand ALPOLIC®."


"Rain or shine, hot or cold, our stylish Louvered Roof makes any outdoor space a year-round outdoor living area that’s perfect for entertaining or relaxing. With the touch of a button, louvers go from fully open to fully shut for the ultimate shade/cover solution. Since Equinox® Louvered Roof systems are manufactured from extruded aluminum, they offer greater durability than traditional plastic or fabric patio covers."


"Petersen Aluminum Corporation (PAC) was founded in 1965 as a metals service center to the architectural metal industry. Petersen provides products of the highest possible quality within reliable, dependable lead times. Petersen’s strong national sales base allows for large inventories and cost economies for its customers."


"Because Cambridge Architectural is Open to Your Ideas, we offer a wide array of products to bring those ideas to life. We have the most comprehensive lineup of both rigid and flexible metal fabric in the industry, and the most innovative, aesthetically-pleasing attachment methods to ensure that any Cambridge architectural mesh system seamlessly and beautifully installs to exact design specifications."


"specializes in building technologies that offer unlimited design concepts in easy to install lightweight assemblies. Our systems are known for building efficiency and structural performance."


"Ventilation isn’t a restriction. It's an opportunity. CS architectural louvers let architects do what they’ve always wanted to: defy traditional airflow design conventions to achieve their true vision—without sacrificing performance."

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"The result of our meticulous engineering was a style of metal wall panel system that had not existed previously. It was, and is, a 100% recyclable, pressure equalized rain-screen, architectural metal wall system that attaches to nearly any substrate without the use of clips or extrusions."


"CENTRIA's insulated metal wall panels deliver extraordinary performance backed by CENTRIA’s industry leading advanced thermal and moisture protection (ATMP) technology. In addition, we offer a variety of colors, materials, and finishes so you can explore unique aesthetic opportunities across the building envelope."


"By bringing together industry leaders from various scopes of performance, we are addressing our raison d'être, to create a superior panel system within a superior wall assembly, to solve building envelope challenges into the future."


"Since our inception our hallmark has been personalized service and quality products at exceptional prices. FSI is a leader in the fastener industry and is a national company with customers in all 50 states."


"We are dedicated to the development of high-performance products, the continued pursuit of advancement in construction technologies, simplifying the complexities of construction worldwide and delivering value to our customers."

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"KS Series insulated metal wall panels provide unique aesthetics through a wide range of profiles while delivering supreme thermal performance. Adjustable module widths can integrate for distinct architectural flair. KS Series panels can be customized with trimless ends and pre-formed corners to provide a clean, finished appearance."


"MBCI provides our customers with quality metal products, superior service and competitive pricing. With over 90 metal roof and metal wall panels, the largest selection in the industry, you are sure to find the perfect panel system for your project."


"Our architectural panels range from a flat, smooth profile to a deeply corrugated rib, increasing aesthetic opportunities, as well as the option for horizontal or vertical application. Couple this with reveals up to 3 inches and the ability to incorporate additional building accessories, and the possibilities are endless."


"Innovation and Integration helps make for Inspiration. A two minute overview to better understand what Morin can do for you."


"Resistant to changes in temperature and stains, NEOLITH® is produced with 100% natural raw materials which also makes it resistant to UV rays."


"Petersen Aluminum Corporation (PAC) was founded in 1965 as a metals service center to the architectural metal industry. Petersen provides products of the highest possible quality within reliable, dependable lead times. Petersen’s strong national sales base allows for large inventories and cost economies for its customers."


"GREENGirt joins the building cladding and insulation to a building structure. It’s an insulated composite sub-framing component inside the SMARTci assembly. GREENGirt is revolutionary in the way it eliminates the problem of thermal bridging and it boasts the highest thermal-efficiency rating in the industry between 92%-98%. GREENGirt is a recyclable building life product that will help with LEED certification."

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